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Alright let’s face it. Many of the kids on bikes today do not wear helmets. I’m not just taking about school kids, but it’s also the athletes training in Prospect Park and the kids on fixed gears commuting into the city. These folks are going fast, swerving in and out of traffic and feel like shouting at them, “What the hell are you thinking!?” But I can’t because I was just one of them a little over a year ago.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine harassed me a few hundred times that I finally had some sense knocked into me …or maybe it it was my getting older. Whatever the case, I finally wear my helmet but its still damn UGLY. I’ll be the first to tell you. That’s why when I saw this post on PSFK I got all excited.

YAKKAY helmets are specifically designed to fit covers that turn your helmet more into a fashion statement than an ugly piece of plastic atop your head. They’ve got four different styles..all lovely. Click the picture to see more. Don’t get too excited just yet though. These helmets are not yet safety approved but hey, it’s a start.


2 Responses to “Ideas We Love – Helmet as Fashion, Yakkay”

  1. 1 Tom Wald

    Bicycle helmet use is often an excessive response to a perceived fear. I cannot say with certainty that they do not provide any incremental safety, but we must ask ourselves why we do not expect motorists to wear helmets when they are shown to save their lives in motor vehicle collisions.

  1. 1 Ideas We Love – Safe, Sexy Bike Helmets | Brooklyn By Bike

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