Bike as Art – Spoke POV


In honor of this historic day, we bring back a beautiful photo of an Obama led spoke set. I haven’t been this inspired in a very long time. Yes we can!

SpokePOV has been getting a lot of press recently thanks to Aneel’s awe inspiring LED Obama spoke display. [via Aneel on Flickr].

It got me thinking more about bike as art. SpokePOV has kits for sale on their site and allows you to customize your wheels however you want. I can’t think of better way to increase biker visibility while making a statement. This project has a good deal of science and soldering thrown in there for fun.

Their site explains the sience stating, “A SpokePOV is a ‘stick’ of LEDs with a magnetic (hall effect) sensor on the outer end. When a magnet passes by, the microcontroller takes note. By counting how long it takes between magnet passes, SpokePOV can tell how fast its rotating and quickly blink the LEDS to present an image. Therefore, no matter how fast you are riding, the image will show up correctly!” I love it and think it would be perfect thing to bring to the Brooklyn Halloween bike ride.


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