Some Kid Does Guitar Hero on His Bike – Bike Hero


You-Tube and the blogospehere have been abuzz with the latest video of “madlflux” playing guitar hero with a controller mounted on his bike. Shot from the riders point of view, he traverses the road filled¬†with colored music notes appearing like they would on Guitar Hero. The video features The Living End’s “Prisoner of Society,” and is one of the game’s featured tracks. Viral video anyone? Check it out for yourself.


4 Responses to “Some Kid Does Guitar Hero on His Bike – Bike Hero”

  1. whether or not Bike Hero was deliberately created to be a viral video, it still rocks… i could not tell at any point that it was fake

  2. 2 brooklynbybike

    @patrick i agree. it’s quite incredible. it does get me thinking though about viral videos – purpose and psychology.

  1. 1 Personal Picks: Bike Hero, Twitemperature, I’m Just Sayin Show, Web Wunderhammern…
  2. 2 Bike Hero Challenged! « Brooklyn By Bike

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