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We know you are cheap. Let’s face it. You probably commute on a bicycle to save money. Yeah but we know how much your bike costs. We also know there are others things you will spend a lot of money on like messenger bags. We agree that this an item where you actually get what […]

Yay! It has snowed here in the BK. Flights were canceled. Blomberg told us to go out and shop/eat. We didn’t listen. Instead we sat on our couch all day.”Working from home” is a beautiful thing. While on the couch watching PBS, we were pleasantly surprised when an episode of e2 highlighting Vélib – Paris’ […]

Update: Ok. We messed up. Mike commented below showing us a pic of him covering his helmet in reflector tape. Yay! Does anyone else find it humorous that this kid made a bright bike to be “safety first” but then doesn’t wear a helmet? Hey we are all about the reflectors! [via Gizmodo]

We were checking out the latest installment of Fixed Magazine and drooling all over the pretty bikes that we almost forgot to notice. Almost…hello Fixed Magazine! Where are all the ladies on bikes?? Many ladies and dudes reading this publication, myself included would love to see the women on bikes being represented. I mean come […]

“Automated bike parking system accepts your bike and sends it into the 7th dimension. Returns it to our world at your command.” [via BoingBoing]

Let’s just say we are getting into the holiday buying frenzy (much to our dismay). Hey we’ve been entertaining visitors and accompanying them to the Esty Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, the ARCmusic LP sale but that LeSportsac sample sale on 18th St. btw 6th and 7th Ave put us over the edge last night. We hear […]

As biking becomes increasingly popular thought and design innovation is pushed to a new level. Here of some of the designs around the web that caught our eye. The Plus Bike designed by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi. Fixed gear with lights built into the frame. [via Toxel]. 2009 SE Bikes not only look good but allow you to change your fixed […]