Ideas We Love – Bike Rack Design


We’ve been meaning to write about the NYC bike rack design competition for some time now but between the shocking news in Bombay, turkey and Britney’s “Off the Record,” we’ve been full and busy. Oh wait, did we just admit we watched that terrible documentary? Like we said…we’ve been busy. 

So bike racks yes! New York City held a competition for a bike rack redesign…another step towards making the city a more friendly place for cyclists. The CityRack wesite reports.

“Although bicycle lanes are the most noticeable element of the City’s cycling infrastructure, access to parking is also essential. Indeed, a study conducted by the Department of City Planning found that lack of access to secure bike parking was the primary reason cyclists did not ride to work. The current standard fixture for bicycle parking consists of variations of a fabricated square steel tube called the “CityRack” that is mounted on sidewalks. These fixtures occupy little space on the sidewalk and do not obstruct the flow of people or goods. New York City currently has thousands of CityRacks within its five boroughs and plans to add thousands more in the foreseeable future. The CityRack design, however, has been in use for over ten years and does not fulfill the potential to be an icon for New York City cycling.”

That’s right! The city is open to change and what a great way to encourge new design by holding a competition. Out of the nine finalists shown on their website, the design below was chosen as the new flagship. What do you think?

[via Gothamist]

See more bike rack designs from David Byrne.

[via WSJ]


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