Woah Snow in the BK! We Watch e2 on Vélib


Yay! It has snowed here in the BK. Flights were canceled. Blomberg told us to go out and shop/eat. We didn’t listen. Instead we sat on our couch all day.”Working from home” is a beautiful thing. While on the couch watching PBS, we were pleasantly surprised when an episode of e2 highlighting Vélib – Paris’ bike sharing program aired.

Some things that resonated with us…

  • Vélib is more about the mind shift in eco-friendly transportation than the actual environmental impact.
  • Bicycling in Paris has increased not due to Vélib but because people are riding more of their own bikes since Vélib was introduced.
  • Vélib stations – located every 400m around Paris – help facilitate more human-human and human-nature interaction. Singles and friends are meeting up more and more in these stations.

See the trailer for yourself. The episode is narrated by Brad Pitt and should be re-airing again on PBS. Check you local listings. It made us feel inspired to continue to push forward with a similar program here in NYC.

You can see the exclusive podcast here.


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