Ideas We Love – Light Lane


We caught this trending topic on twitter  (follow us!) today and wow, it really stood out to us as a great out of the box concept. The Light Lane is a virtual bike lane created by laser light. They write – 

Only a small fraction of streets have dedicated bike lanes, and with an installation cost of $5,000 to $50,000 per mile, we shouldn’t expect to find them everywhere anytime soon.  Instead of adapting cycling to established bike lanes, the bike lane should adapt to the cyclists.  This is the idea behind the LightLane.  Our system projects a crisply defined virtual bike lane onto pavement, using a laser, providing the driver with a familiar boundary to avoid.  With a wider margin of safety, bikers will regain their confidence to ride at night, making the bike a more viable commuting alternative.

Check out more. [via Dustbowl]


2 Responses to “Ideas We Love – Light Lane”

  1. 1 Todd

    Wow that is a really cool idea for big cities especially. Not sure how that would work down on my beach bike path though. 😉

  2. 2 brooklynbybike

    @Todd – Lucky!

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