Bike Shop We love – Hufnagel Cycles


Brooklyn By Bike has some big changes coming in the next few weeks – namely more writers (we hope soon) and a new design! More on all of that soon.

In the meantime I present to you possibly the best designed bike site out there, Hufnagel Cycles. Straight out of where else but Portland, OR and run by guy named Jordan Hufnagel, we feel in love with his clean and simple website.

Hufnagel Cycles

Our favorite designs include Tessa’s 650 Single Speeder and Chris’ Blue Baby. We can’t direct link to the posts so maybe its not the most perfect site, but it’s still pretty to look at. I encourage you to peruse the site or check out more of their designs via Fickr.

[via Hufnagel Cycles]


One Response to “Bike Shop We love – Hufnagel Cycles”

  1. Agreed that Huf is the best designed site out there. It makes me happy to know that’s what you’re striving for!

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