Ideas We Love – Safe, Sexy Bike Helmets


We posted awhile back about Yakkay Helmets which were cute, but potentially unsafe due to the fabric nature of their covers. Fabric prevents the helmet from skidding on the ground which can potentially lead to your head stuck on the pavement…not pretty.

Now worries fashionistas thanks to Cyclefashion!

Helmets are designed by an eco-conscious Japanese-born designer who got fed up with looking terrible on her bike so she created her own collection of helmets that are funky and still meet all the safety requirements. The designs are cleverly positioned on the back and on the left-hand side so drivers and pedestrians can admire you as you go.

Helmets are priced from $80 to $120. Check out more styles on their site.

[via Treehugger]

Oh and if you are looking for not safe, sexy helmets check out these crazy helmet covers from Riding Pretty.


2 Responses to “Ideas We Love – Safe, Sexy Bike Helmets”

  1. i’ve been trying to find a solid plain helmet to build up with some plaster of paris/foam and the like, it should crush upon impact if not just act as an extension of the helmet, but i’m not sure. are there any solid ways to test and see if a helmet is safe after jazzin’ it up? or should i just go at it with a hammer or ram into a few walls with a “test” one first?

  2. 2 brooklynbybike

    hmm i found a list of testing facilities. maybe you could get one of them to give you some info. good luck!

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