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We posted awhile back about Yakkay Helmets which were cute, but potentially unsafe due to the fabric nature of their covers. Fabric prevents the helmet from skidding on the ground which can potentially lead to your head stuck on the pavement…not pretty. Now worries fashionistas thanks to Cyclefashion! Helmets are designed by an eco-conscious Japanese-born […]

We caught this trending topic on twitter  (follow us!) today and wow, it really stood out to us as a great out of the box concept. The Light Lane is a virtual bike lane created by laser light. They write –  Only a small fraction of streets have dedicated bike lanes, and with an installation cost of […]

We recently rediscovered Bike Polo courtesy of Hardcourt Bike Polo. This sport is kind of like regular polo but played with bikes instead of horses! I remember seeing some kids playing on grass a few years ago, but the hard court version has come a long way. In bike polo, the front wheel of the […]

Yay! It has snowed here in the BK. Flights were canceled. Blomberg told us to go out and shop/eat. We didn’t listen. Instead we sat on our couch all day.”Working from home” is a beautiful thing. While on the couch watching PBS, we were pleasantly surprised when an episode of e2 highlighting Vélib – Paris’ […]

As biking becomes increasingly popular thought and design innovation is pushed to a new level. Here of some of the designs around the web that caught our eye. The Plus Bike designed by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi. Fixed gear with lights built into the frame. [via Toxel]. 2009 SE Bikes not only look good but allow you to change your fixed […]

We’ve been meaning to write about the NYC bike rack design competition for some time now but between the shocking news in Bombay, turkey and Britney’s “Off the Record,” we’ve been full and busy. Oh wait, did we just admit we watched that terrible documentary? Like we said…we’ve been busy.  So bike racks yes! New […]

You probably heard about the fake New York Times that was circulating yesterday telling us “The Iraq War Ends.” The paper was dated July, 4th 2009 and was put together by a group called the Yes Men. It came complete with other other articles pointing us to a more promising future. What’s almost as good […]