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“NYC Five Borough Bike Tour This fills up quick so I am putting the word out now. Reblog if you’re going to attend (or comment below!). Hope to see you there! There are 42 miles of adventure ahead on May 3, when you can ride car-free through New York City! Join 30,000 cyclists for the […]

We are planning on attending tonight and it would be great to see you there! via [HipsterNascar via bike short films]

We are feeling a little bummed about staying in Brooklyn for the big discobama…I mean inauguration. CNN is calling it “The Moment” and wants you to send pictures of Obama raising his hand to WTF!? Bombard those fools with dirty photos would you? Anyways, there is good news for the cyclists out there! The […]

When I read the news, I thought the blogosphere was lying to me but it turns out NPR posted something so it must be true, right? Well it is official! According to a new federal law enacted as part of the $700 billion financial bailout entitled the “Bicycle Commuter Act” companies can receive a $20/month […]

We caught this trending topic on twitter  (follow us!) today and wow, it really stood out to us as a great out of the box concept. The Light Lane is a virtual bike lane created by laser light. They write –  Only a small fraction of streets have dedicated bike lanes, and with an installation cost of […]

We recently rediscovered Bike Polo courtesy of Hardcourt Bike Polo. This sport is kind of like regular polo but played with bikes instead of horses! I remember seeing some kids playing on grass a few years ago, but the hard court version has come a long way. In bike polo, the front wheel of the […]

Let’s talk about this issue that has been plaguing the streets of Brooklyn for sometime now…particularly the street of Kent Ave. in Williamsburg. The Hasidic community is complaining that they have nowhere to part their giant minivans because of the new installation. First they threatened to block the streets. Then they put this detour sign up stating “bus drivers […]