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We posted awhile back about Yakkay Helmets which were cute, but potentially unsafe due to the fabric nature of their covers. Fabric prevents the helmet from skidding on the ground which can potentially lead to your head stuck on the pavement…not pretty. Now worries fashionistas thanks to Cyclefashion! Helmets are designed by an eco-conscious Japanese-born […]

Bike culture is fast becoming the norm for cool kids everywhere. Designers have long looked to the cool kids for inspiration and Calvin Klein takes it to a new level with his “bike seat” inspired jacket. Fully outfitted with foam, bonded with fabric and wool, the jacket uses a heat-molding process to create patterns and  […]

Let’s just say we are getting into the holiday buying frenzy (much to our dismay). Hey we’ve been entertaining visitors and accompanying them to the Esty Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, the ARCmusic LP sale but that LeSportsac sample sale on 18th St. btw 6th and 7th Ave put us over the edge last night. We hear […]

                                    Alright let’s face it. Many of the kids on bikes today do not wear helmets. I’m not just taking about school kids, but it’s also the athletes training in Prospect Park and the kids on fixed gears […]