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Let’s talk about this issue that has been plaguing the streets of Brooklyn for sometime now…particularly the street of Kent Ave. in Williamsburg. The Hasidic community is complaining that they have nowhere to part their giant minivans because of the new installation. First they threatened to block the streets. Then they put this detour sign up stating “bus drivers […]

Let’s just say we are getting into the holiday buying frenzy (much to our dismay). Hey we’ve been entertaining visitors and accompanying them to the Esty Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, the ARCmusic LP sale but that LeSportsac sample sale on 18th St. btw 6th and 7th Ave put us over the edge last night. We hear […]

Nasty weather was no mater for the kids from Williamsburg. The 6th Annual Brooklyn Bike Kill which may actually stand for drunken, dirty, debauchery took place this past weekend. We hope they hosed down the street afterward. This boot bike is by far my favorite [via Gothamist]. No photos of bike gangs with helmets? I […]